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Your choice of operating system is not an axis of oppression

I just don't trust Ecosia, as great as it seems. I don't understand why they would get their search results from Bing when DDG is mostly open-source and a modified version could be run on their own renewably-powered servers

And then they say that the service is 100% run on renewables, even though Bing isn't, and also 100% private, even though Bing isn't and they don't detail any way they prevent it from harvesting all of the data

It's just dishonest, and there's a fairly easy solution that they didn't use. I don't even understand what they're saying is renewably powered if the searching itself is all Bing - just the landing page and FAQ?

It just feels like some kind of scandal is waiting to happen

yeah sure you want a catgirl gf until she sucks you off and you realize she has a cats tongue. Amateur mistake.

killer cops 

Millions are facing genocide in Northern Syria due to Trump’s collaboration with Turkey’s Erdoğan.

The U.S. Left has not only facilitated this mess out of ethnocentric ignorance and campist politics...

Many failed in educating on the importance of Left projects in this region.

shout out to people who know they don't know what they're talking about and shut the fuck up

lightdm looks real fuckin gross ngl anyone got any good login managers that aren't gdm lmao

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real unix hours is when you're trying to do homework but pulseaudio can't get the high quality audio playback sink, so you spend an hour and a half playing with pulseaudio and bluetooth settings in the command line, only to switch login managers because for whatever reason that solves this problem

There's something oddly fun about hooking my phone to a keyboard, mouse, and full sized monitor, and then sshing with ConnectBot into a full Linux server and doing some coding. Dunno what it is.

Ever see a cutie and go “humminah humminah! Awooooga!” While your eyes bug out of your head and your bow tie spins around and around and around

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