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that's it. we've lost too many good ones recently. nobody else is allowed to leave. if you want to leave you have to replace yourself with a friend who is an equivalent level of funny, smart, nice, or whatever your thing is

Andy Ngo is very concerned that so many people in Germany have a history of opposing fascism.

honestly i need a piercing like i need a hole in my head

For weeks, the Chilean government has alternated between brutality, division, & deceit without succeeding in crushing resistance. Looking at Chile, we can learn a lot about strategies of state repression and how to outmaneuver, outsmart, & outlast them. 

Folks, it's called #TootNotTweet because that's the sound an elephant makes. We simply have no way of knowing what a mastodon sounded like. Eugen is wildly speculating.

Me: Im getting into gardening lately

Colleague: You can make a lot of money landscaping you know

Me: No I mean like fruit and veg

C: Ah to sell?

Me: No for me and to give away to my neighbours

C: So how are you making money from it?

Me: No, its a hobby and a way to provide for people

C: Yeah but you should really be thinking how to monetise it

Me: I dont think I can continue to talk to you anymore

It's Friday please show me what comfy sweaters you are wearing! Or comfy t-shirts I guess if you're in the southern hemisphere. People exactly on the equator, uh, button downs?

I felted over the moth holes on this one and now I'm kind of sad they weren't in a more prominent location. #VisibleMending

might fuck around and get really really good at ventriloquism

I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around.

Thinking about making a kung fu school that only admits people who aren't fucking weird about it

Thinking about that guy in my kung fu class who just lowkey let on that he's a monarchist

I've been successfully confident enough to basically boss around employers all week, like "you need me, go ahead and book time, I'll get around to you"

but I'm still struggling to say the words "can i pet your dog" ;~;

but also: my favorite thing about fedi is these migrations of people from different places who are vocal about issues I'm not yet familiar with, and the fact that their perspectives are welcomed and lifted up makes everyone on the network more compassionate and sensitive to causes that they probably would never have heard of otherwise
when people join fedi it's more than just "someone makes an account" it's "x marginalized group is being welcomed into a robust community"

having no idea whats going on but being extremely and loudly supportive is distilled extract of the best parts of american virtue lmao

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