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how to teach white kids that cops aren't good 

tonight i explained to my 3 year old why "the police arrest Bad People" (a sentence uttered in one episode of a toddler show she watches) is incorrect in an age-appropriate way.

i feel immense relief about this because i can't maintain my integrity if i allow my kid to develop the idea that cops and rules are inherently good.

let's reframe disabilities that inhibit work as things that make us conscious of self-care
self-care isn't an option, it is necessary.

If I don't sleep well, eat well, or take care of my mental health then I will seize. So epilepsy, in a way, is good for me. I can't go beyond my limits because going beyond them means I'll end up hurt and fucked up for a few days. If anything, my disability makes me more compassionate to myself.

And that's pretty cool.

I'm a cool superspy and also a stupid useless dickhead

Pro tip: Don't make your @ your name. Those things are extremely volatile and will change without warning. Instead, choose your @ based on a silly nonsensical joke. Those are evergreen.

im the hyperlink of uber. no im not explaining this. you should be ashamed of yourself

I hate when im at church and my cell phone ringtone "cute dick homie!" goes off

If you post a lot I respect that and appreciate you

Chopping wood outside my remote cabin, I hear a noise at the tree line. When I look up, there he is. It’s Bigfoot and he is absolutely hanging dong.

fucked up that women are the ones viewed as fragile considering I can't count how many men I've known with such extreme anger issues that everyone in their personal lives has to permanently walk on eggshells for fear of reprisal

smash isn't special tbh its just a normal fighting game and some people dont wanna accept that

Fedi: there are good things in the world
me: :'00 ???
Fedi: but the world can also be better, and you have the tools to make a better world right now without anyone's permission
me: :'000000000 ?????????????

Real positive :'))) 

Real positive :'))) 

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