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@hyperlink wait no hyperlink be careful!! I was just about to fill the big coffee mug with green tea!!! the mug it.... it's unstable... I don't know if it can handle the green tea.. hyperlink... you've got to get out of there, the tea is rising! I estimate that you might only have 180 seconds left... hyperlink... run!

:t_blink: [MISSION START] :t_blink:

Strong, independent type who don’t need no values

love too have two loads of laundry: my dirty clothes, and my shit-caked reusable toiler paper.

"Your store manager has the backing of a multi-billion-dollar international conglomerate. Without a union, you have /no/ backing. Just because you're laying off all the part-timers doesn't mean y'all don't still need to organize for your own protection."

hacker clipart, but instead of a dude in a black, featureless hoodie, he's wearing a neon, rainbow striped one

*crackly audio narration like a 1950s public advisory newsreel*
There’s a disturbing hidden trend amongst the youths of today that you may not be aware of. Many of them are under the misguided impression that it’s necessary to pay various giant corporations hard earned money every single month, to maintain access to a catalogue of movies and TV to view! These sadly misled folks believe that at the whim of a licensing executive, or if they fail to submit their tithings, their access to media can be taken away without warning! This may shock you, but it’s true.

Do your part to combat this worrying trend. Teach Your Local Teens To Torrent (Responsibly)!

Message for Landlords 

trial attorneys uniformly enjoy the satisfaction that comes with memorizing complex rulesets to maximize their advantage, and they love crafting rich narratives and telling stories about people.

but they almost NEVER play tabletop roleplaying games, because they desperately need a cognitive firewall between their career and the realization that the legal system is bad D&D.

A common mistake made by billions of people: confusing Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit's monster.

Fahrenheit was the creator. The temperature scale is "Fahrenheit's monster."

covid19 ; books etc. 

inside of you there are two wolves

neither of them admits that they're a furry

listen here punk: i WILL cook u breakfast and it WILL be delicious

It's an interesting thing doing street distribution too:

"Hey there, would you like some free food? I have prepackaged meals, baked sweet treats, and bread."

"Oh, uh. I'm not homeless."

"You don't have to be to need food! Would you like some?"

And then, they think about it. And some people say yes, and some people say no: but they think about it. they think about their relationship with food. Food's relationship with society. Just for a moment, just for that circumstance, but they think.

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