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i can neither confirm nor deny being a cinnamon roll

The protesters in Seattle must be so happy to be gassed by their first lesbian mayor. Really makes you feel like the crimes against humanity have become more progressive ❤️

You're gonna wanna do yourself a favor and look up images of a "Peryton" which is a mythical creature that is a stag with wings

I start typing my closing tags faster than the IDE can auto-close them

The "HR department" at work told me that people were complaining about my "fuck white power" coffee mug

So, y'know, fuck an HR department

i'm just gonna be wearing a mask around others for the rest of my life. i mean, why not?

Pinned: 30 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, the disabled now make up more than half of those living in long-term poverty. We talked with @adamfnaughton about what disability would mean in a world without capitalism. #DisabilityPrideMonth

"august" this "saturday" that. fuck off. pacific time zone rights

anyway that story was a lesson to me: straights can't "get" camp and will get very mad about it

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