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goddamnit, the second I left to go to work the riot police showed up and cleared everybody out

food, roommate 

hey guys! Just started uni and tbh I dont really know what to think of my new roommate? She says she's vegetarian but she steals burgers at the cafeteria and eats raw meat out of the fridge at night? she seems cool otherwise so idk

love too be woken up by a white supremacist biker gang revving their engines after sleeping on The Ground

me, pitching a tent on the steps of a paint-covered, poster plastered city hall, in the middle of a pandemic, with roads blocked by makeshift barricades in four directions as part of a nationwide action to abolish the police: if I wake up at 8 tomorrow I should be able to make it to work on time

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lmao it's literally a Tuesday Night like sometimes it gets lost on me how fucking wild this shit is sometimes

the only thing a snorkel is good for is making you choke as a kid because you went down too far and it immediately filled your mouth, which you were breathing through, with water

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i'm trying to think of more analogies but honestly the idea of snorkels is just so fucking pointless it's hard to come up with things that are as ridiculous. like bro just go up for air

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Snorkels are great for when you want to be less than an inch below the surface of the water but also don't want to just move your head up for air

every time i hear the intro of 'monkey wrench' i start welcoming a player to a skating game that doesn't exist like "Heeeeey bro, what's up! I'm Kate, I'll be your guide on this sweet journey, haha don't worry, you're in great hands. First we're gonna look at the basics, press and hold A to speed up.... NICE!"

@wgahnagl wait i forgot the most heinous, reprehensible one

*reappropriates an abandoned building, repairs it without a building permit, uses it to house people who have nowhere else to go*

i know, i'm disgusting

now there seems to be a misunderstanding,,, I'm on good authority that these streets are OUR streets ?? but I have a militarized police department that seems to think otherwise ??????? could someone please advise??

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