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alt history fiction where I don't put my serious posting under PARODY; SATIRE cws

update on my best friend from high schools campaign for state legislature: just saw an attack ad on tv saying she won't stand up to the anarchists burning our cities, lmao

it is simply my belief that liberal democracy is irreparably broken considering we're currently fighting for literally identical things that they were fighting for in 1960

bush accidentally did 9/11 by trying to hotbox the twin towers thanks

I've said it before but I'll say it again, if ever in my life I have the blessing to View a saguaro cactus I will immediately drop to my knees and weep
could you imagine looking at a saguaro cactus, and then doing something bad to it
un fucking fathomable

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bro if you fucking THINK about so much as BREATHING in the direction of the incredible, majestic, awe-inspiring saguaro cactus I will kick the absolute shit out of you

fucked up that neo-nazis feel comfortable showing their faces anywhere on earth

It tells me a lot that the major stereotypes of Europeans tend to boil down to "their food tastes funny and their place names are weird" and yet still there are people who think "this is a step too far..." like if that's seriously the height of slander against you, that's a pretty cushy position to be in ngl

could someone please get rid of all those tracy chapman songs about lesbian pining, I'm trying to have a good time here

alt history fiction where things are pretty much the same, but you did go to the store to get those few things the other day

dropping a 1 star yelp review on my local police precinct

I was reading Malcom X's autobiography the other day, and he was talking about the necessity for Medicare for all and how the US is never going to pass it, and I really felt a wave of exhaustion so strong wash over me that I needed to put it down and go to sleep

i absolutely do not want to hear you explain your fucking simpsons fan fiction for 13 minutes

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