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this exam is literally just an assignment asking me to gush about my favorite women in STEM and of course I'm talking about my FOSS heroes, I will break the character limit, I will never shut up about this I don't know if my teacher knew what she would be getting when she asked for this

I will only stop talking about federation under extreme duress

no more movies about NTs realizing that autistic people are cool and then patronizing them to death

it costs 0 dollars to post misinformation on this website

black and brown people who bring weed to BLM protests are braver than the troops

selfie, eye contact, rainbows 

I got this rainbow dress in a proper size this time and it works a lot better with me being able to zip it up!



a prior neighbor of mine was super into conspiracies, but he was an older guy into more esoteric stuff than the kind of contemporary qanon shit so popular right now.

he used to believe that the warmth of planet earth emanated from its core up to the surface, and not from the sun. but he would never call it "the sun."

he would point at the sky and dismissively say "that star up there," like he was disrespectfully refraining from using its name. it was wild.

Haha yes, I've heard about this "sun" of yours. Not real. I'm not buying it.

who the fuck made the zucchini so fragile and crushable. It's like floral arranging foam. every inch of my body wants to destroy it the second it is in my hands. The amount of self control it takes for me not to tear into its tender flesh with my fingernails is something that impresses even me.

sun haters please unfollow immediately, this account is for warriors of sunlight only :praisethesun:

you’re laughing. someone just drew an unlicensed version of mickey mouse and you’re laughing.

socialist girls didn't pay attention to Barack Obama in college, so now we don't have healthcare

imo the only good scientist is that japanese youtuber who makes knives out of things you wouldn't think you can make knives out of

punching up is a good thing to call it because every time I visualize that I see someone doing a fistpump and looking like they're having a great time

"only punch up" also applies to doing tactical copyright infringement in my experience. It's cool and good to steal from corporations but really shitty to do to independent artists or marginalized communities

Copyright law is not just about protecting your abstract ownership over something: it's the literal foundation of all creative employment in the US. So, for the most part, things that are true about the state of employment in the US are what's true about copyright law (massively biased, easily abused by corps with a ton of money, is better for people than thunderdome but hey look how low this bar is, etc)

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