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i'll be honest a lotta stuff i see boosted from "safe booru" is not that safe #JustMyTooSense

cw death, dr*wning Re: manatees 

@InternetEh @SapphicGiraffic not to crush the manatee positivity but I wanna make sure no one is under the impression that a manatee cannot severely injure or kill you

because they can

but generally it’ll be accidental, when they bowl over you and you drown cus they have no idea what or why you are or that you can’t breathe underwater

this was drilled into me in school, don’t swim with manatees lmao

thinking about going into erp houses in xiv wearing a maid uniform and just sweeping up and responding to any and all /tells with "sir i am working right now"

this place is rabidly insular and any time you push back on that people get incredibly shitty about it. it's not a good thing.

I respect Vin Diesel bc he made those Riddick movies like right after 9/11 and he was like "yes, there will be Space Muslims in my lore rich sci fi series and they will be broadly sympathetic and cool"

"I'm learning to step back and appreciate meatspace a bit more," the President told reporters this Tuesday, after being banned by multiple online platforms. "You know, go outside, read a book, enjoy life like we did before the whole world Logged On. Will I miss shitposting? Yeah, of course. But I think it's better for my mental health that I not follow all the petty drama going on anyways."'s main form of moderation is that @starwall and I have loaded handguns pointed at one another at all times with strict oaths to gun each other down immediately upon being a shit online

my masto, meta 

I started off on one of the big instances and moved after a month because of how badly moderated it was. There was frequent racist sealioning, fascist and fash-sympathetic posting, constant ableism, and shaming of people who asked for financial help. It was an okay environment for people who aren't targeted by stuff like that and a very hostile environment for people who are.

bro kolektiva is 4000 + people I feel like this instance showed up like earlier this month, how did it get so big lol

@senzubean wild isn't it how white people instances can be whatever the fuck they want to be and it's no biggie. Black instances just get the Black Wall Street treatment no matter what. Kind of crazy how it works out

i think the anarchists on this website are just as a bad as the communists on twitter in regards to saying racist shit

No no no no, you white members of this instance are not going to use us people of colour as a human shield to protect yourselves from criticisms. Your condescending know-it-alls any other time so you get yourselves out of this. You don't you don't use us we're not here to be your guys as human Shields because other people are yelling at you. Please and thank you

Banning Trump wasn't very hospitaliano of you

i guess this is my joss whedon's run on x-men comics thread. anyway its really uncomfortable how you can just tell being horny for kitty pryde as a teen was a formative experience for joss, lol

discussing state repression 

There are so many prisoners and victims I'm gonna fight for before I worry about these assholes, but I'm also not going to celebrate the bad actions of the state.

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discussing state repression / mention of nazi / torture and police murder 

for example, the cops killing a rioter was a bad response on the part of the cops. Like, I'm not gonna shed a tear, but I'm also not gonna celebrate extra-judicial executions. Also making fun of that one guy for wanting organic food in jail ... how long have we been fighting for muslim prisoners to get a diet they can eat? how long have we been fighting for vegans to be able to eat? repression isn't funny to me.

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discussing state repression 

I'm wondering how we can push against the liberals enacting all of this. It's going to be a mess, because gd I don't want to be defending the far-right in any way while staving off state repression of leftists and marginalized groups.

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discussing state repression 

Figuring out how to talk about state repression when the right is the catalyst for policy is a minefield. Obvsly deplatforming is great all the time (see all my toots from the past few days). Increased powers to cops and enhanced terrorism charges is a different thing though. For example, there is talk about changing laws such that when a riot is declared any organizer there can be charged as an accomplice.

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