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There's nothing "Super" about the way Mario capitulated to and collaborated with the PNF during the leadership of Mussolini. Self-preservation or not, we cannot forgive or forget his crimes.

remember like, 10 years ago, when Wikipedia was considered to not be a trustworthy source. like yeah their peer reviewed encyclopedia full of citations you can go and check is less trustworthy than print books which are absolutely free of bias and can never be updated. I'm not saying wikipedia has no issues, obviously it does, but the shit especially teachers said about it back in the day were so just untrue. like, even if you wanna say it's a secondary source, so are basically most places they wanted you to go to for info

Oh so gender is what’s in your pants? Guess my gender is oversized grinch underwear because it’s laundry day

Minor sins of capitalism: over a dozen different toilet paper options. I have never bought toilet paper without spending 2-3 minutes making sure I've got the correct cheap but not single ply option.

After the revolution, I expect to be compensated for all this lost time at the prevailing wage.

when u see someone make some shitass libertarian take on twitter and you look and their profile pic is ron swanson

no one hates league more than someone whos spent 3000 hours playing league

i am determined to grow my hair down to, past, and transcending my butt

guide to instance chillness by url style: - corporate instance. probably full of ads and collecting data. avoid - socdem pleroma instance. "anti-idpol" free speechers - resistance lib instance. 0 posts since 2020 except for a porn bot. admin forgot his password, is waiting for the domain registration to run out - anime avatar furry femboy uwufash. block on sight - profoundly bad and cursed. block, defed, report to isp - bunch of pals goofin around, hell yeah

yeah I've been getting really into multithreading lately (embroidery)

like I might be less pissed off if the actual work I had to do pissed me off more tbh

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the worst part of CS brain damage is that you dread doing your homework because it's a lot of work but every time you sit down to actually fucking do it you're like :)

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