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if soulja boy were to send me malware i would immediately run it on all my devices

hilarious, INCREDIBLY cursed, lewd (there's a dick in this one), vacuum cleaner 

this is what loosing in Samurai Gunn 2 does to a mf

missile command but instead of falling meteors you're shooting down billionaires flying to space

Also like....non-binary people are trans. The white line in the trans flag is for non-binary people WE ARE TRANS TOO!!! Trans means anything other than your gender assigned at birth which includes Demi-girls/boys/ nbwoman/men

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me when regular people need linux help: :blobcatsurprised: aa do not worry i will help u,,,,

when fossbros: lol not my problem u didn't read the manual /shrug

in an ideal country there would be no CEOs but in a slightly less ideal country, being a CEO would be such a terrifying and life threatening position that no one would ever be one

shoutout to @ear7h for mailing me a flashdrive with fun digital things on it I would be so screwed without this you I s2g I owe u my life

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