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could you imagine being a highschool teacher trying to keep pace with the fully unhinged memes that highschoolers are doing nowadays

oh i hear you're getting silenced? people on the internet think your takes are bad? right we'll get 5 national news teams out to your house straightaway

tbh recalling the exact same thing happening to me in college as a course on "ethics" and "rhetoric, which also implied that all ethical stances are opinions and all have the same moral weight, but recalling it a little less fondly now

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recalling fond memories of how humiliating it was to be in highschool social studies classes, forced to debate on the opposite side in conversations about things that directly impacted my life, like if it should be legal for gay couples to adopt, and were in no way a hypothetical that I could just switch sides on at a whim

shit racist people say 

like how is it possible that people can go around and be able to identify that doing shit like saying "ching chong me want wamen noodle" is Objectively an EXTREMELY Racist Thing To Do, but when it's black cultures on the receiving end they have the balls to turn around and hit you with a "what it's just how they talk" like ?????????????? there's literally a black hole forming in my brain trying to understand what you mean by this

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and what makes it more annoying is that If I brought this up to the people who are blasting my skull apart with their poorly understood creole, it would take me eight solid months of going "here are some articles you should read" to at best remove one (1) racist blackface caricature from an enormous sea of blackface caricature, and at worst, have to be made aware of the existence of white people willing to have a debate on why going "me dont tink you want to mess wit da voodoo, mon" is fine

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reading covid headlines: :((
reading covid headlines about how it's the #1 killer of cops in 2021: :)

this is why I can only play with gnomes and goblins, because goblins are a racist caricature of italians, and gnomes are a racist caricature of software engineers

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just because something is common in canon, doesn't mean that it's suddenly OK for you to do it in RP, because if you think about it for literally one second, you'll realize that the source material itself is actively, violently racist, and isn't good justification for badly peppering in "chile" into your dialogue when you know that I will have to read it with my literal human eyes, and take 5 d20 of psychic damage every time

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literally do not have the mental fortitude to play horde bc if I ever have to read another white person typing out a fusion jamaican/aave/south african accent my literal eyes will burst into flame, boiling my brain from underneath like a bunsen burner.

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Was reminded of the existence of the type of guy that gatekeeps math

sometimes I'm like "as a white passing mixed person, my lived experience is extremely similar to that of someone with no black heritage" but then I see someone RPing as a "voodoo mama" with a blaccent so bad that it blasts the skin off my face and I go "ok I'm not THAT white at least"

Uni sucked but having an absolutely batshit sleep schedule was great

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