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i kind of hate when phones & other small cameras have stereo microphones to be honest. the mics aren't far enough apart to capture a proper stereo sound & usually what just happens is everything sounds off center when you wear headphones


so I'm on this federated social platform call- okay, yeah, so you know how email works? now imagine instead of dick pills it's pine64 products and also the concept of shitting and cumming. and dick pills

why doesnt petco sell sponge filters huh, why can't I get a submersible water pump from anywhere other than an exotic fish shop 45 minutes from my house huh

i like analog tea kettles: i'm more likely to pay attention to a household appliance that screams at me. i just wish it would learn a phrase other than "kill the president of Exxon"

thagomizer: the pointy spiky part at the end of a dinosaur tail

fagomizer: ray I shoot you with to make you gay

Get em right

One of my favorite things is overextending and misapplying the idea of the panopticon

Though Surveillance Capitalism is a global phenomenon and a universal term, it is interpreted differently by people from different regions.

Americans see this mostly as a monopoly/anti-trust problem.

Europeans are calling it digital feudalism.

The once-colonized global south sees it as digital colonialism.

All of these interpretations are not only simultaneously true but also demonstrate that this issue is multi-faceted.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #DigitalColonialism #DigitalFeudalism

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Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumours (CTVT) are a form of viral, infectious cancer that occurs in dogs and is somewhat unique in that it's possible to infect one dog with tumour cells from another.

In other words, there was a particular dog that at one point spontaneously developed CTVT and passed it on to another dog, and those same cancer cells have been spreading among dogs ever since as an immortal asexually-reproducing pathogen with almost the exact same DNA as the original dog

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my brain is full of incredibly creepy medical knowledge just because but one of the worst ones is probably the dog that evolved into an infectious disease

like it's a little unfair that the only people who are allowed to go outside and Dig A Fucking Hole are people who "own the land" like bitch what do you mean I need to be at least 200 thousand dollars in debt to legally pick a fungus off a log

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give me one good reason why I shouldn't be able to go to a little forest owned by the state, run around a little off the trail, weave a wicker basket, and then take home a small collection wild blueberries. "it's important to leave the ecosystem untouched' BITCH I AM PART OF THE ECOSYSTEM

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I'm literally going to start taking shit out of public parks it's public land leave nothing but footprints my entire dick and balls I'm going to show up there with nothing on my person and leave with a fucking streetlamp

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space capitalism, lewdish 

still can't believe that the company who made a dildo shaped rocket was the bezos one and not the one that sounds like "Space Sex"

literally every day I wake up furious about the enclosure acts

can someone on librepunk download the torrent so if I want to see it i can i dont think I have enough room to download it

world is bad but when code gets leaked, for a brief fleeting moment, world can be a little good

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