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you don't have to worry about LGBT. i took care of it


i like how everyone always either says "RMS" or "Richard Stallman" so i still dont really know what the M stands for and assume its something like "Richard Moth Stallman"

The fascism of the US is only going to get steadily worse until it's violently and completely overthrown

remember when people were saying fascism in latin america was on its way out? that was a nice period of time

I will then ignore the reply and send links to my favorite posts by RMS before launching a formless and nonsensical tirade on personal freedoms and the government

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Gonna start every dating app convo with "have you heard of of Mastodon, the federated social media application?"

in the middle of fixing my jelly gouaches but see how good they look vs the dried right ones??? you can fix these ppl don't throw them out

why does icann reserve top-level domains like .amazon for corporations? a lot of them aren't even company names, like .analytics and .bot

it's the year 20XX, the year of the linux desktop

"oh what's that social media you're always on, maybe I should join"

"Don't it fucking sucks a crow keeps telling me to eat shit and threaten me with xer car and everyone keeps yelling dance euro dance"

strike without being heard, without being seen, without warning.

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Don't publicize your plans, and don't trust anyone who openly does.

if the jetsons takes place in 2062, that means George Jetson is a zoomer

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