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they did the butlerian jihad because they love technology so much, actually

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really the biggest-brained take here is that dune substitutes science for religion. like yea, 'logic and reason will replace mysticism' is definitely what the book is saying, and what sets it apart from most scifi. got it in one

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Every piece of science fiction is set in the same universe, and has the same politics. It facilitates Marvel or Ready Player 1 style crossovers!

villeneuve really had his movie open with voiceover saying "i wonder what our next oppressor will be like" and then cut to paul and people are still like

paul, the hero of the story

paul, a literal child, completely unready for the roles various people insist that he play: i do not know what the fuck to do

the audience, somehow: paul is a clear example of a white man who simply knows better whom an entire nation of foreigners cannot wait to make leader over them

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I think it's cool that we're in a wave that's substantially larger than any previous wave but we can't even implement a mask mandate anymore

PNG is a vector image format, assuming the vectors we're talking about are rectangles whose dimensions and offsets in pixels are all integers

i post about loving octopuses here a lot but I think something I don't post enough about is how I have like 50 gnomes

I need a monthly subscription service of cheap octopus shaped mood rings

its about time we saw a more mature take on the character of batman

if you're dealing with me and something bad happens to you, let me just apologize in advance because there's a good chance your misfortune actually benefitted me in some way and there's literally nothing I can do to stop it and I shouldn't have this power

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it sucks that every bad thing that happens to me is because I'm the luckiest bitch alive and directly enables me to enter a substantially better situation later on

I think most people really believe that the cops can't just take your shit and throw it out , but when you realize that they can and do to every unhoused person in the country, you kind of get surprised at how naive of a thought you can entertain as a radical

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tbh come to think of it the fact that I was sleeping in a tent on the steps of city hall with a group called FTP probably meant that I was already a little radicalized at the time

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should I keep shaving my head because I like being fuzzball or should I let it grow out and make the barbers shave off a whole head of curly hair

like, if you have a two week delay why can't you just tell everyone that their tattoo is going to be pushed out two weeks, I don't think anyone would mind that too much, two weeks is like nothing, but now there's a bunch of people who were supposed to have an appointment Today that are getting rescheduled to mid march

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should I email them and say how much it sucks that I'm stuck at the back of the line again for this tattoo despite already having waited since early November to get it

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