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damn. so many things are called Unity. im gonna make a chat app and call it discord to make a difference

Death, beg post please boost this is urgent 

Okay shit her Venmo definitely has something wrong with it, please send all donations to on PayPal. So sorry!!!!

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It's hard to be fiercely iconic and the funniest person alive yet also the most relatable and humble but I manage

@iitalics everything fucking exploding when ur system language isnt set to en_US

US suburbs were born of scared, paranoid white people, and the same people make them a dreary place to live

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This was posted as "a guy from Slovakia asks questions about US suburban neighborhoods" and the questions themselves are pretty good regardless of who wrote them, but the insecure reactions from US residents were even better

meta I guess 

I like to check out those join mastodon sites as if I were unfamiliar, and goddamn it’s dire. shows an extremely blatantly terf instance in the “newest” segment, then shows pawoo, Baraag, and dot social as the biggest instances. Baraag’s summary is just some flowery language to say “this is the site to post loli hentai”

Police horse theory: Some cops are centaurs and have to disguise themselves

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But for real, horse cops, is that like a pr thing or is there an advantage to being on horse back that bikes and cars don't have?

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Hey you know those cops that go around on horses? Is there like a tactical reason for that or...?

Dracula Daily, TTRPG 

so if you're enjoying the awkwardness of Jonathan Harker cohabitating with Dracula in chapter 3, there's actually a TTRPG about that on, because of course there is.

"This Game Takes Place In Dracula’s Castle" - a two player game about homoerotically testing the boundaries of decorum with a vampire:


like, that's actually super creepy, being alone in a castle with some guy doing spiderman shit
especially since he literally has the key to his door, he could go out the normal way, so he's doing it because it's fun and he wants to

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tbh, the description of dracula climbing down the fucking wall headfirst was kinda sick

Meta, race & gender 

I find it disheartening that Black Trans users on here have been reminding ppl their analysis of gender can't be separate from race and I get hounded for daring to show off a Black Trans Flag

but white users are able to say this with no blow back as if its a novel idea

this is rinse repeat

god loves all her children but few more than men who are really into each other's armpits

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