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ALSO, all characters who fuck on screen are aromantic now.

if they say "i love you", they mean in queer-platonically.
if they get married, they're doing it for tax evasion reasons.

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mind your p's and q's or else the characters who fuck on screen will be ace too

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im not sorry, if you didn't want this to happen, you should have added more ace rep

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every character who does not fuck on screen is asexual and either sex repulsed or sex neutral

All of the horses in My Little Pony are asexual EXCEPT for Pinkie Pie and Weird Al

trans people will be having a disproportionate number of three letter names

give me the wisdom to stop shitposting on masto and do work that i get paid for

the courage to stop shitposting on masto and do the work that i get paid for

and the patience to stop shitposting on masto and do the work that i get paid for

guard who always tells the truth and guard who only ever lies (but reliably tags all his statements as "misinfo")

I think sometimes online spaces do this thing where they see good people engaging with something created by bad people as wrong 100% of the time as if the authorship of it creates some sort of taint of propaganda that you're complicit in, even when taken out of its original propaganda context
like, if I unknowingly engage with a post written by fash saying "modern architecture could do with more ornamentation and character specific to the place that it's from" with no dogwhistles or otherwise objectionable content, in their space this is clearly about the decline of western culture, but in mine the same words are clearly about the devaluing of art and the march of capitalism towards lifeless inhuman corporatism
outside of maybe giving more reach to a bad actor's name, I haven't furthered the cause of fascism because I have my own context when engaging with the same words
you know?

developers who backport fixes are the backbone of society

kinda depressing that every single wooden telephone pole used to be a huge tree

welp, that's it. ive read every single post on fedi. every last one of them.

no context man page 

-e, --evil

Make TiMidity++ evil.


the slot on the side of your computer is for coins

the following things are described as violent:

  • breaking a window
  • making threats
  • defending yourself against a cop

the followings thing are not described as violent:

  • a cop tazing someone who was fleeing after the cop saw them smoking weed
  • cops physically breaking into a house
  • the ever present threat of being shot by a cop with a gun
  • cops explicitly threatening to shoot people with their guns
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liberal nonviolence only means that people can't touch the state/capital. the state and capital are free to do whatever they want to people, though

technically true but bad advice 

software builds faster if you put your laptop in the freezer

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