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like if you draw the girl in this equation like a lesbian would draw her, even if you, the artist, interpret everything going on here as completely cishet and straight as hell, it's still gay.

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Does anyone have the link to the GitHub issue where they removed the word "toot" from Mastodon? Can't find it

tbh I'm absolutely entranced by m/f ships but they're drawn in a way that's gay as hell, thereby making a straight ship also gay as hell

conspiracy theory 

documented UFO sightings have gone down not because high quality cameras have made it more difficult to capture low-res footage that allows people to suspend their disbelief, it's because every time someone sees an actual UFO they think it's a drone and don't care

you're saying this monster has been mashed

On this day, september 11, 1973, the democratically elected socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende, was murdered in a military coup. A US-backed fascist government took power until 1990, murdering, imprisoning, torturing and driving into exile hundreds of thousands of people. Do not let this atrocity be forgotten

thinking about when my bot posted 'white people hate tomatoes' and gargon was like now wait just a minute

fares don’t just restrict access to public transit they actively and inevitably make public transit worse

basically buses bunch because loading and unloading take time, and specifically they take more time the more people you have to load and unload. combine that with the fact that bus loading is greedy, i.e. everyone usually gets on the first bus they can get on because they’re optimizing for individual transit time and not total system performance, and what happens is that the first bus to get to a stop has to spend a bunch of time loading, making it get behind schedule and letting the second bus get closer to it, and then when the second bus gets there the stop is empty so the second bus can just go right by it or only load few passengers, but the first bus now has to spend a bunch of time and make extra stops to unload all the passengers that loaded, while the bus behind it doesn’t have to do so cause it didn’t load any or as many passengers, so the two buses get inexorably closer together as they go along their route.

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this is a really cool interactive simulation and explanation of why buses bunch:

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the number one thing you can do to improve buses’ ability to stay on schedule is to make loading and unloading, the primary causes of bus bunching, faster. so it’s cool that this ass backwards country makes everybody pay a fare to get on which slows that down dramatically

leaving a plate of hard pretzels out for george w. bush tonight

the queen's death is a false flag operation, all these 'members of the public' paying their respects and being interviewed on the news are crisis actors, this isn't a conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact

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