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and I really need to meet with my ward's city councillor but she doesn't go to any

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subjective reporting (bad, biased): We need to bulldoze forests to build more parking lots: Forests just sit there looking pretty, while parking lots reclaim valuable real estate to make cities more accessible to travellers. (article contains several arguments in support of bulldozing forests delivered by the author)

objective reporting (good, unbiased): Federal regulators face difficult choice over bulldozing forests: In times of worsening parking crisis, many regulators are calling to choose the parking needs of the many over the aesthetic needs of the few. (article contains several arguments in support of bulldozing forests delivered by an "interviewee")

I have gone to more meetings than my ward's city councillor


in order to ensure that your mastodon admins can read your dms, remember tag your admin in all of your dms

btw any user with any kind of verified symbol in their user name is legally required never to lie, and everything they say is 100% true all the time

the 🎉🎉🎉 emoji is not enough for me to express how happy it makes me when members of my coalition get stuff done, I want to give them a kiss

solidarity is real and it's the most beautiful thing in the world btw

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my name is puffball and I want to give everyone who has ever helped me the biggest hug in the world

I spoke with a game programmer at a conference recently, and the topic of how to store save data came up. He said he stores non-sensitive info just as json or xml, including certain game states and player position. My response was asking if he wasn't concerned with people cheating, to which is replied

"Why? Cheating is fun."

And you know what? I agree. Cheating is fun, and people who don't want it can stay clear quite easily.

#gamedev #gaming #videogames

Google classroom and google slides need to integrate prezi now. I want my desktop to be organized like prezi too. I want infinite zoom and microscopic icons. I want to plan my courses like a big crazy math collage as if it’s all one giant blackboard for the entire year with videos and programs all over the place.

prezi is what “web 3” should feel like not this ugly VR nonsense. The 3rd dimension is a matter of scale not depth.

Please do not share the photo of the Yanomami old lady who has recently died of hunger.

The Urihi-Yanomami association has come forward to explain that in Yanomami culture all belongings of the dead are burned, their name isn't evoked, and photos stop being circulated. They want people to stop using this photo in particular.

If you believe it necessary to show the graphic malnutrition photos to draw attention to the years of deliberate genocide during the Bolsonaro administration, 1) consider thinking twice about the premise and 2) if you really feel like it helps, at least use other photos of victims still alive.

The photo in question shows a severely famished old woman in a wooden house, being weighted on a floor scale by a government agent.


#brazil #yanomami

Maui shown here violating Twitter's developer agreement by using an unofficial client.

It's important to take the laptop and do some work outside every so often.

Not for the benefits of movement.

Not for getting some vitamin D.

Just do it so the sun's glare can point out how badly your screen needs cleaned.

If you’re homeless there’s no fucking difference between Democrats and Republicans. If you’re in jail there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans. If you’re killed by the cops, a Democrat mayor and a Republican governor will display the same contempt for your memory.

The difference between a blue state and a red state is if a white employed trans person feels safe or not. That’s not good enough for a party to deserve your support.

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