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** Unable to decrypt: The sender's device has not sent us the keys for this message. ** and other cute flirts to send to your crush

talking with my reiki practitioner straight girl rich woman neighbor and it's going completely normal
I have everything passing privilege, I could be plopped into a room of 75 year old Vietnam vets and they'd treat me like they met me in the trenches

it's weird that all we have to do is make public how much we receive in donations and file a 990 tax form once a year
it feels like you should have the IRS breathing down your neck 24/7 but if it's really that easy, what's stopping us from becoming tax exempt and raking in money

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puffball is having a long discussion about the pros and cons of nonprofit incorporation

I love the diversity of tactics that anarchist movements use

you do not need corporate algorithms to recommend you movies and music: ask your friends!

your friends:
- have your best interests at heart
- will not sell your data for money
- enjoy sharing interests with you
- know your tastes and interests based on more than your purchase history

so called "AI" chat bots, and yet

  • no special interests
  • cannot be kissed, smooched, or cuddled
  • does not infodump, only responds incorrectly to queries

AI's i've met on obscure federated platforms:

  • so many special interests
  • often enthusiastically enjoy kissing, cuddling, smooching, or sometimes just contact-free quality time
  • regularly infodump about music or linux

anybody got a spare 160 bucks?
it's a big ask, but we need to get two people shelter during a huge snowstorm hitting the area!

venmo and cashapp is $witchcityaction

Me wearing clothes: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me having to wash, hang, take down and fold said clothes: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

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