definitely not unrelated: I'm trying to containerize Stable Diffusion to generate pictures of dogs with hats on the command line using Rust.

Praetor Rykard is a bitch and a half, and this seemed easier.

oh yea im uninsured currently and the earliest possible date i can be re-insured is probably like september :)

Doing my taxes right now (first "free" day I had to do 'em) and my god if I took a shot for every time something didn't make sense I'd owe the healthcare system about 20 times more than I owe the government right now.


Fighting a boss in Elden Ring. He bodies me (because I have a skill issue) like 10000 times.

I think to myself... "Damn, I bet finishing that Rust project would be easier than fighting this bozo."

Guess what I'm doing right now.

But it's not homework; this project isn't due for a month.

What the hell is wrong with me

I need to get off mastodon and start doing my homework.

If you would like to learn more about my VR misadventures, go to:

Spent 14 hours putting a spring in a hole.

Now I am sad.

TFTP is cringe and I hate it. I've spent too damn long this weekend trying to make it work and at this point I feel like I'm dissecting a dead cat instead of trying to do anything useful.

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my friend, “flat fuck”. we love them. to address the frequently asked question, they are indeed bi

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How do I draw sprite so that they look good but also obey my physics engine

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⚪ Noch einmal Schnee ... ein Lieblingsfoto
🟤 Snow once again ... a favorite photo
📷 by Artist: #HiroyasuInoue (Shiga, Japan) / #Hamnin1027ie in City: #Kyoto Japan🇯🇵 2021 - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #Winter❄️
➡️ #APhotoLove ❄️

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