okay be honest do games locked at a 4:3 aspect ratio bother you (assuming you’re using a different aspect ratio)?

Cease this meaningless folly against me scoundrel! Lest I am forced to release my inner lycanthrope…

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typing in your 2fa authentication code is a quicktime event

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@wgahnagl this is not funny, trains only do this when they feel distressed or threatened

4:3 is a better aspect ratio than 16:9 in every use case, widecels stay seething

@wgahnagl ofc you moved to salem that’s the most you behavior i’ve ever seen 😭

Please consider taking this survey if you are trans! Deadline is December 5th.

why do white people appropriate bffr when we have “relax, bucko”

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"its inappropriate to send out orgy invites in jokerman font"
fuck you

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@wgahnagl what’s the alternative, “submit???” submissive ass :mario_flop:

when the change makes your code compile but break in packaging

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