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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Chud behavior is never allowed. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and etc will catch you a ban.
  2. No advertising bots
  3. CW all nsfw. If you're unsure about something, CW it.
  4. no scraping or archiving

librepunk (adj) | \lē-brəpŭngk\

  • something that is free (as in freedom) but queer, radical, and not necessarily technical. Created as an antithesis to oppressive software communities, and built upon the severed head of the GNU. As a concept, librepunk represents the liberation of all people from oppressive systems, from proprietary software to the gender binary, to heteronormativity, ableism, capitalism, racism, and any other machine of oppression.

librepunk (noun) | \lē-brəpŭngk\

pleroma crime (noun) | \plə̇ˈrōmə ˈkrīm \

a general purpose bannable offense from librepunk. Pleroma crimes include (but are not limited to)
  • being a pleroma instance without allowlist federation
  • federating closely with pleroma instances without allowlist federation
  • being any type of far right
  • using slurs
  • saying irritating shit in the mentions of librepunk users or our friends
  • being a poorly moderated instance
  • posting uncensored nsfw
  • sexualizing minors
  • spamming
  • wasting librepunk resources maliciously
  • block evasion
  • crypto bullshit
  • archiving
  • scraping
  • being racist
  • being a TERF
  • and much, much more!
If you or a loved one was wrongfully convicted of committing a pleroma crime and were unjustly banished from librepunk, the official librepunk policy is to take screenshots of you bitching and laugh at them.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
gab.io it's literally gab
gameliberty.club pleroma crimes
iscute.moe uncensored porn, bad admin lmao

Limited servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
emacsen.net replyguying
fosstodon.org fossbros.... rancid vibes
kolektiva.social antiblackness
mastodon.org.uk pleroma crimes (Federation)
mastodon.social instance is too big and too poorly moderated
mastodon.starrevolution.org something happened I'm sure
mk.nixnet.social pleroma crimes on misskey
social.librem.one corporate, bad mods, brand

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
10minutepleroma.com super likely to be used for spam
activism.openworlds.info Rancid vibes, kind of terfy admin, weird hashtagging and exposing fedi to racists
anime.website pleroma crimes
a.nti.social pleroma, antiblackness
archivefedifor.fun trolling
bae.st wanted to be blocked
bajax.us pleroma crimes, slurs, getting mad about being convicted of pleroma crimes lol
balkan.fedive.rs pleroma crimes
baraag.net loli
be.cutewith.me pleroma crimes (Federation)
beg.plead.help pleroma crimes on a misskey instance
benis.freemyip.com pleroma crimes
berserker.town pleroma crimes
bikeshed.party pleroma crimes
bitcoinhackers.org they're bitcoin hackers lmao
blackmesa.space pleroma crimes (Federation)
blob.cat pretty much unmoderated, federates with gab, fash
brighteon.social user asked
bsd.moe Fashy, pleroma
buckeye.social gab
busshi.moe mewmew, the admin of blob.cat
carrot.army Slurs, pornbots
catdon.life super wild islamaphobia!
cawfee.club nazi, transphobia, PLEROMA CRIMES
cliterati.club I forget tbh
coom.club Admin frequents gab, freeze peach
counter.fedi.live pleroma crimes, replyguying
cryptotalks.social crypto lol, could you imagine
cunny.finance pedophila, zoophila, ughh
cute.science pleroma crimes
degenerates.fail read URL lmao
desvox.es pleroma crimes
detroitriotcity.com free speech (unmoderated)
d-fens.systems pleroma crimes, followbot, kiwifarms
dickkickextremist.xyz uh oh, fashy
disqordia.space antiblackness
djsumdog.com pleroma crimes
dogeposting.social pleroma crimes
durst.world pleroma crimes, zztails.gay's other instance. why do they keep doing this. Just stay in one spot please.
eientei.org pleroma crimes
enigmatic.observer pleroma crimes
fedi.absturztau.be pleroma crimes
fedichive.tk archiving
fedi.gealdor.space pleroma crimes, social skeleton ☠
fedi.pawlicker.com pleroma crimes
fedi.valkyrie.world PLEROMA CRIMES
fedi.z0ne.moe PLEROMA CRIMES
freak.university pedophilia, zoophilia
freespeechextremist.com fuck these guys
gab.com it's gab, you already know what gab is
gamers.exposed fashy
gentoo.live sealioning, linux lmao
gitmo.life being freaks, pleroma crimes
gleasonator.com terfs
glowers.club transphobia, everything else
hentai.baby self explanatory
hitchhiker.social antiblackness, shitty admin
honkwerx.tech racism, slurs, etc
husk.site racism
icyphox.sh pleroma crimes
iddqd.social Fashy, pleroma
im-in.space pleroma crimes
impeccable.social pleroma crimes
impenetrable.fortress.promo federates with gab
is.badat.dev used the gab instance suspension video, did racism, terminally online anarchist (derogatory)
jaeger.website bad vibes, misskey! just abelism and etc
jpop.club freeze peach
kartoffel.cafe extreme pleroma crimes
kawen.space pleroma crimes
kiwifarms.cc it's kiwifarms, It sucks
kompost.cz pleroma crimes
koyu.space colossal yikes, attacking pv, wretched vibes
lain.sh pleroma crimes
letsalllovela.in pleroma crimes
lets.bemoe.online pleroma crimes
lgbtfree.zone pleroma crimes
ligma.pro Archiving
lolicon.rocks self explanatory
lolison.top spam, pleroma crimes probably idk
lubar.me witches drama
marsey.club pleroma crimes
masochi.st was mean to my partner >:(
misskey.sharivegas.com asked to be blocked for committing pleroma crimes
mk.absturztau.be misskey version of blocked instance
mk.longyap.name.my pleroma crimes
mstdn.starnix.network chud behavior
nazrin.moe Obnoxious, terfy
neckbeard.xyz pleroma criminals
netzsphaere.xyz pleroma crimes
nicecrew.digital racism, slurs, the usual bullshit
nitrokey.com ads, crypto
nixnet.social pleroma crimes
nnia.space pedophilia !!
noagendasocial.com pleroma crimes
noc.social bigotry
onevery.ignorelist.com they're on every ignore list including ours
outerheaven.club Bad federation policy
panthermodern.net Rancid vibes
p.enes.lv pleroma crimes
pieville.net kiwifarms shit
pl.devfs.xyz pleroma crimes,
pleasehug.me pleroma crimes, no blocks
pleroma.comfy.moe pleroma crimes
pleroma.flussence.eu sex pestery, obnoxious behavior and pleroma crimes
pleroma.freespeech.host pleroma crimes
pleroma.hatthieves.es pleroma crimes, followbot
pleroma-in.ouda.space pleroma crimes
pleroma.jeder.pl Pleroma lmao, lax federation
pleroma.labrat.space pleroma crimes
pleroma.mouse.services uh oh, threatened to dox me lmao
pleroma.nobodyhasthe.biz extreme pleroma crimes
pleroma.site pleroma crimes
pleroma.tuxcrafting.port0.org pleroma crimes
pleroma.weirdart.space Loli, open federation
pl.i2p.rocks pleroma crimes
pl.im-in.space pleroma crimes
pl.kotobank.ch pleroma crimes
pl.skyn3t.in not sure but theyr'e gone now lol
pl.smuglo.li pretty self explanatory
pl.thj.no pleroma crimes, replyguying
pl.tkammer.de fossbro bullshit + believing TERF is a slur lol
poa.st pleroma crimes
pone.social pleroma crimes
pooper.social pleroma crimes
princess.cat Lax moderation, pleroma
psimon.world pleroma crimes
qoto.org full text search with shitty federation policy
queer.hacktivis.me pleroma crimes!!!
rdrama.cc pleroma crime
ryona.agency getting red nude mad about being accused of pleroma crimes
sakaba.space islamaphobia
schelling.pt pleroma crimes
scrapist.xyz pleroma crimes, scraping, just being obnoxioius
search.fedi.app indexing
search.social implementing full text search and being annoying
sharivegas.com asked to be blocked for pleroma crimes
shigusegubu.club pleroma crimes
shitposter.club how the fuck were they not blocked
skippers-bin.com loli, bad admin
sneak.berlin Archiving
social.freetalklive.com freeze peach
social.getgle.org pleroma crimes
social.handholding.io pleroma crimes, slurs, soapbox (gab software)
social.icynet.eu pleroma crimes
social.inditoot.com pleroma crimes, running soapbox, federating with pleroma criminals
social.nothingplanet.com pleroma, unmoderated
social.redxen.eu pleroma crimes,
social.sphere.com.ai scraping
social.thisisjoes.site pleroma crimes
social.tinfoil-hat.net pleroma crimes
social.wideboys.org pleroma crimes, slurs, etc
societal.co brand
society.kalli.st asked to be blocked so lol
socnet.supes.com lax moderation
soc.ua-fediland.de followbotting
solagg.com cryptocurrency crimes
spinster.xyz terf hive
springbo.cc pleroma crimes
stereophonic.space pleroma crimes
stop.voring.me pleroma crimes
terrible.place pleroma crimes
the.hedgehoghunter.club mad about being convicted of pleroma crimes
toot.canberrasocial.net pleroma crimes, freeze peach
totallylegit.site pleroma crimes
truthsocial.com literally trump lmao like donald j trump what the fuck
udongein.xyz federating with the fash
varishangout.net loli, pleroma crimes
verita84.com pleroma crimes, the ridiculous TOS
weeaboo.space Bad :(
weedis.life spamming and botting
wetfish.space pleroma crimes
whinge.town pleroma crime
witches.live Yikes.....
wolfgirl.bar slurs, pedophilia, pleroma crimes
www.canberrasocial.net all lives matter shit, racism
yggdrasil.social fashy, pleroma, anime nazis
yorishiro.space rancid vibes, shitty admin with ice cold takes
youjo.love pleroma crimes
zetamu.club ZOOPHILE SHIT ?????
zztails.gay pleroma crimes, being annoying
gab.io it's literally gab
gameliberty.club pleroma crimes
iscute.moe uncensored porn, bad admin lmao