hey, anyone online and want to send 22 dollars to witchcityaction on cashapp or venmo to get a member of my org transportation this week? 👀

this means that vacation homes alone are enough to solve homelessness eight times over

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of the roughly nine million vacant livable homes, 4.7 million are "For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use" (aka vacation homes)

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by the way, we have enough vacant, livable homes in the united states to give every single person who is homeless right now (sheltered or unsheltered, temporary or chronic) 15 whole entire homes each.

based off of:

2021 US Census Bureau vacancy statistics: data.census.gov/table?q=B25004

2022 US Department of Housing and Urban Development Annual Homelessness Assessment Report: huduser.gov/portal/sites/defau

the good thing about getting older is that I'll never be as old as my sister

Even though #Firefox discontinued Send, a file sharing service, the community has kept it alive. You can view public instances here github.com/timvisee/send-insta

A lot of y'all still don't get it. Lorem holders can dolor multiple sit amit on a single consectetur.
So if you have 1 adipiscing elit and 3 sed do you can eiusmod 3 tempor incididunt

I go "gel? nail? sorry, gel manicure? sorry. do you do Walk-ins? sorry." and while I'm confused and apologizing they just sit me down

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"The abolitionist mission isn’t done until every prison is empty. When there are no more cops, when the land has been given back, that’s when it’s over. I don’t expect to live to see that day, necessarily. I mean, hope so. But I smoke." ––Tortugita

I've gotten my nails done dozens of times but tbh what the hell am I actually supposed to say when I get in there

The spectacle of watching the completely racist institution of law enforcement sacrifice five cops that happen to be Black to appear ‘credible’ while white police continue to terrorize neighborhoods is an absurd farce.

And all while parading a snuff film of a person getting brutally murdered for no reason.

Kwame Turè continues to be right. This country has no conscience.

McDonalds purple guy was named that because he's equal parts grim and ace

I swear if I see another post of "They wouldn't do this if you are Black, but they do this for disability", I am going to lose it.

Are folks not aware of sundown towns? Racist business owners? Folks absolutely will tell a Black person bluntly to leave because they are Black.

Please stop saying that everyone would get riled up if this happened to Black folks because it does and you do nothing about it.

It's still happening even today!

Stop this pitting of Black vs. disabled. Not only is that erasing folks like me, but also you typically don't do this pitting in terms of race with any other group.

Your anti-Blackness is showing.

@cwebber There's a Rust library that is using "spork" as a variant on process forking. It's something very specific so not the same as anything in goblins but I thought that was a funny name.

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