like this is a joke but honestly I feel like part of the fact that people don't trust the vaccine is that you can't buy it, if there were a 50 dollar version of the vaccine that was like "this breakthrough medication cures covid 19" I feel like way more people people would be like "oh nice"

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I think if we wanted to get the US completely vaccinated we should've come out with a covid vaccine that costs money, and then a covid vaccine that is slightly cheaper, and then watch as the invisible hand of the market makes everyone really excited about the cheaper one

if you're queer, and/or use she/her pronouns and you say "feel free to ask me for help any time! :)" I am never going to talk to you again because I am way too fucking shy and terrified of embarrassing myself in front of you

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given that google has so much relevant data, it should publish an analysis on people's password practices or something

2021 is the year of simping outrageously hard for every single female engineer

resume building? work experience? bro what's that i wanna celebrate queer love and mutual aid

*tiktok voice* umm honestly can we please normalize trauma? can we please turn trauma into a pyramid scheme please.

I'm trying to wake up and be a productive member of society, and you're turning the AC on? you're trying to make it colder? you're scheming to give me hypothermia? you're Mr. Freeze as played by Arnold Scwarzenegger in the only Batman film ever to be made, the Joel Schumacher-directed Batman and Robin (1997)?

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the computer, fresh from its humble beginnings killing nazis and landing on the moon, would later go on to find success in beaming pornography across the globe at light speed

when will they make a slime you can eat I want to chew on one so bad

i am very interested in computers, which is why none of my computers work


socially liberal, fiscally conservative like "i think everyone's pronouns should be stored on a cryptocurrency blockchain"

like ive been asking people to use he/him for me but i still call myself a lesbian and somehow it didn't click that that makes me a he/him lesbian until just now

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labor unions are nice but i could do without the nationalism, racism, and protestant work ethic bullshit. just things to consider

should i buy a computer with my tax returns or should i buy a claw machine

bath bomb rocket the rocket part has an insoluble shell, the inside of the rocket is the bath bomb, when you put it in water the bath bomb dissolves out the rocket exhaust and looks like it's lifting off

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