sometimes I wonder what it's like to live in one of those horrible web cesspools
like, literally every aspect of my life would be totally different

damn, had to blam for pleroma crimes
tbh I felt like those guys were semi-local, I know I saw them in librepunk's federated timeline a lot u__u

shout out to the guy who parks his shitty car in front of my apartment once a week and revs it for an hour for who the fuck knows what reason blowing a bunch of exhaust in my window, you the real mvp

im gonna wallpaper my house with stretchy lycra and bulge and deform it with big foam blocks in lieu of owning furniture

the amount of stress hormone in my body could probably give an elephant a panic attack



and like, I don't want to reinvent living on a commune, and I don't really think that leaving the world behind to be REAL leftists with 20 of your closest friends is at all a smart thing to do, but I don't think I'd be happy raising a family in complete isolation like you're supposed to either

if I don't have 8 neighbors within walking distance who are all comfortable swapping kids off and helping each other raise them, I feel like the stress of motherhood would overwhelm me

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tbh I don't want this nuclear family shit at all, if I'm gonna have a family I want to have a dense community of people immediately near me who are as responsible for my family's well being as I am, and vice versa

I also might start searching for tattoo artists to get a full scalp octopus tattoo and shave myself completely bald

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if I survive this final I will finally shed my five month long ultimate despair form and be reborn anew into a glittering, glorious bliss

i believe that thanos and papa smurf are still kissing

friendly reminder that the love between thanos and papa smurf is beautiful and sacred.

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