tbhqwya (to be honest, quit while you're ahead)

shoutout to my landlord for informing me that he's showing the apartment that I'm currently living in and will be inside of while at work, with two hours notice

i will never believe a tech man who says "no one else is doing this."

reading an essay and realizing that the term “sex-positive,” once intelligible as a response to a certain kind of “sex-negative” feminism that insisted ethical sex was impossible under patriarchy, has now been completely stripped of its original context to mean “horny”

I've been sitting on the Council of Anti-Horny Posters for nearly 2 years and have a career in chasteness spanning nearly 10. I have a Doctorate in Purity from VolCel U's #1 nationally ranked purity program. And I believe enough is enough: we must lift the fediwide ban on vagina posting. The War on Cooch has been a failure.

My name is Luigi4Congress. I raised $200,000,000 to run an internet campaign where my outreach consisted of shitposting. I just came in 17th place in a 13 person primary, with a grand total of 200 votes. Socialism will win.

NIAs (Non-Italian Americans) dont realise that a single prestige tv show with italian representation just isnt anywhere near enough to undo the injustice that was done to the italian american people

antitrust spoilers i guess, death 

i enter a deep meditation. suddenly, a reply guy appears in my minds eye

actually i think "rapid fire slurs" is one of my best cws

independently coming up with the concept of chaos magic

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