People keep calling for unity and I'm wondering why any team smaller than like 10 people needs anything more than Godot, the game engine that taught me that I will never be a game developer, by proving that it's not lack of knowledge that's holding me back, but the fact that I have no motivation or original ideas.

porting our jam game from december to my new game engine

Christ I don’t even know how some of these commits happened, like they’re duplicated but the commit is undoing a change that happens in the future?

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spinning clay on a pottery wheel is inherently sexual no i will not elaborate

US Pol/domestic violence 

hearing the Biden administration trying to coin the term "domestic violent extremism" a few mins ago is already throwing up a red flag. press secretary Psaki is already saying DVE like it's a thing

A) "domestic violence" already has certain accepted connotations, no?

B) stop implementing new policies when there are already laws in place to deal with this shit. prosecute neo nazis for their crimes by all means. don't invent nebulous new crimes

go fill up a Hefty bag from the salad bar at Whole Foods and just walk the fuck out. if anyone tries to stop you say "hm yes it's an interesting area of legal theory but ultimately it's non-justiciable" and keep walking.

lofi hip hop radio - beats to get cucked to 茨 ゟレ遺ヿ雲雲永ネ営


white amerikan leftists love bernie sanders so much because his "flaws" are all around things that don't matter that much to them, namely slavery and empire. lmfao.

i don't know if the polycule chart is a public thing yet but my ultimate goal is to try and link up with @loki~'s polycule, thus making me metamours with at least 60% of england

Name: changed
Parents: passive-aggressive
Servers: online
Cerena: ready to rock

violent lmao 

I want to feel the skull of a capitalist between my jaws, I want to bite down and crack his head open like a gumball Rhrghrhrgraagahagga

the tech bros continue to enrich themselves selling solutions to problems that have no solution.

Cars are terrible and dangerous. But what if they were *self-driving*!

We can't (read: won't) stop polluting. But what if we sprayed reflective dust into the sky?

The solutions are already obvious, but we want another one so we can keep doing it the shitwit way

billion-dollar research prized for inventing the best carbon capture and sequestration tech

It's a TREE. You're trying to reinvent the tree. Just plant trees and stop fucking polluting.

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"Decolonization demands fearlessness beneath the white supremacist gaze."

like what's stopping us from just deciding not to, if we all have bad credit then who cares

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guys can we just all get together and agree to just stop paying our student loans

PLEASE caption your images so I know what on earth your Bernie meme is referencing

surprised but not shocked that it needs to be said but if it has violence/murder/death against black people


if you search the custom emoji list for “pepe” you can find a bunch of cool instances to block

sometimes I feel weird about being half black but white passing but other times I feel like an undercover agent

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