@vecna any more than that would be trying to byte off more than they can chew

not only am i cute and nice and humble, but my badoinkers are huge

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An optometrist is listening to Alt-J's "Taro" and just shaking her head. "No, I don't think anything ought to be sprayed into your eyes," she mutters softly, in response to the song. "Not until I get a look at them, that is." She casually begins booking tickets to fly to the UK.

pellets guy 

people say I'm an incredibly patient person but really I just have no idea what's going on at any point ever

This is your semi-regular reminder that you can purchase an 8ft wide by 8.5ft high by 15 ft long repurposed steel freight container with your choice of cargo doors or rollup door for under three thousand dollars, if you can find someplace to put it.

the three 'accepted' genders under the patriarch are man, woman, and roman.

did u know that wikipedia has free and open source pictures of cats to look at

People constantly underestimate how powerful a tactic just ignoring something is, especially online.

ASMR boyfriend prepares for a nap with you but also opens a bag of chips when he thinks you're asleep

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if anyone has a million acres of land in new hampshire that they'd be willing to give me in exchange for my sturdy black leather jacket, get in touch

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