*sticks my snout in ur inbox* hey what’s goin on in here

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inside you are are two wolves: one of them is a MECH and the other is wearing squirty oat jorts


fucking unbelievable. they gave this man a nobel prize for saying "pull urself up by ur bootstraps"

@Absolutely_Blakely I have came up with several Nobel Prize worthy research:

"Investments Yield Optimal Results When Buying Low and Selling High"

"The Positive Correlation Between Size of Market and Resulting Profit"

"Having More Money Increase Your Chance of Successful Investment"

Just because he's been dubbed "the God-King of Racism," "the Grand Prince of Bigotry," and "Captain-General of the Fifth Column" doesn't mean you should just write him off if he has a chance to beat that Orange Fool in the White House.

You deserved better than you got
Someone's got to say it sometime because it's true
People should have told you you were awesome
Instead of taking advantage of you
I hope you love your life now, like I love mine
I hope the painful memories only flex their power over you a little of the time

sidetoot, centering politics 

sidetoot, centering politics 

police uk 

"Madam Prime Minister! Th- the boys!"

"Calm down and deliver your report. I'm listening."

"I-it's the boys, Ma'am -- they're back in town!"

"Impossible. They were sent away on an interplanetary vessel years ago, with only enough fuel for a one way trip, while we studied to our hearts' content in college. How could they even escape Jupiter's gravity well?!"

"Well, I... I guess they didn't get more stupider after all, huh?"

#microfic #highart #theboys

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