i'm angry at databases. fuck mysql and its friends. hate them all.

drug lol 

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Harry Potter and the Episode of Friends where Ross Pretends to Have a British Accent

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it's crazy that I get to be on the social media platform with literally the smartest, funniest and kindest people on the entire planet

i hope that ppl use the #fedikitchen tag for help, it's only a lil thing but i want us to help eachother.

i have other recipes and what not stored in my brain.

if you have questions about what to do w what you got let me know.

pls CW posts w food AND #fedikitchen to make them easier for your fediverse neighbors.

This will make me sound extremely pedantic, sorry. I just think the story is funny. 

does anyone else think the ♀️symbol feels kind of terfy for some reason?

It's Sunday morning for some of you.

If you're interested in some short films to watch whilst you have your first or second cup of joe, why not watch mine?

Also no ads. ^_^
#film #blackart #mastoart


tarot, eye contact 

Hot take what if people are essentially good, especially when they're not forced into violent systems of exploitation from birth.

Why are Africa's coronavirus successes being overlooked? –Afua Hirsch

"Senegal is in a good position b/c its Covid-19 response planning began in earnest in January [...] The government closed the borders, initiated a comprehensive plan of contact tracing &, because it is a nation of multiple-occupation households, offered a bed for every single coronavirus patient [...] As a result, this nation of 16 million people has had only 30 deaths."

Of course, we all know why.

we need to ground this in white womanhood.

One of the central critiques Black feminism poses for white feminism is that, because whiteness presumes itself as 'default,' white women's perspective on the gender antagonism between "men and women broadly" is conspicuously silent on the racial solidarity *white* men and women exhibit, and what influence the interests of whiteness have on white men and women's gender antagonism.

Black people, meanwhile, cannot be ignorant of Blackness, and racial solidarity against anti-Blackness is comparatively salient in Black women's discussions of gender dynamics between Black people.

white women commonly report being afraid of speaking up, of taking up too much space, of taking for ourselves what is rightfully others... and, tacitly, ceding much to white men, who aggressively take ground. classrooms and boardrooms are prototypical cases, where one person speaks at a time and where women fight their own instincts to speak up, only to be spoken over.

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as white people working towards race treason and against whiteness, it's helpful to have specific things that make us stop mid-train of thought and ask, "wait a minute, am I being racist about this?"

For instance, if we find ourselves getting angry at a Black person for their "ego, arrogance, bragging" or "presumptiveness," we are almost certainly being racist about it. whiteness and white people have a problem with Black self-worth, self-knowledge, and self-assertion. this is well-established.

we need to check the voices in our heads that get indignant when Black people claim things for themselves, claim their own work, accomplishments, and strengths, and do so in the way that they choose and without apology. those voices are anti-Black conditioning, plain and simple.

And when we check that voice, and it argues with us, providing reasons for our knee-jerk rejection of Black selfhood: Good. That's useful. We can learn by interrogating those rationalizations and those assumptions.

if i ever see the word irony on this website again i will flush my phone down the toilet

is there anyone out there who actually knows how to use spraypaint for cool art making purposes I'm actually a fool who's never done this before lmao

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