that style of hentai anime women drawn with clothes looking like an anatomical illustration because the artist can only draw skin

im voting for the Octopus Party, they are promising that this year they will eat the crabs that have been eating us. yeah i know that the Octopus also ate us last time they were in office. but do you want the crabs to win?? are you a mussel bot?? #PostLikeYouThinkAClamWouldThursday

compulsory heterosexuality (tandem bike built for a straight couple)

let’s stop calling it discourse or meta and start calling it kerfuffles. really takes the power out of it when you’re discussing the latest kerfuffle.

Friendly reminder that Hollywood often uses stunt bodies for nude scene

Like they will literally cast the perfect ass, and then have that ass on screen as a stand in for someone who already probably has a pretty good ass

So, don’t ever compare yourself to any of that

Compare yourself to your friend group instead

Rise to the top of those losers, one ass at a time


*sighing, rubbing my temples*

Ok let me explain this one more time.

The wizard's staff? Phallic.

The open spelltome? Yonic.

These are by design.

The tower? The tower is just a tall house. Arcane energy drifts upward like hot air, it is an entirely utilitarian shape pf dwelling for our line of work.

Ok? Ok.

detroit: become human was a really awful narrative, but they were onto something when they made it so you can reload your save from any point where the story forked, and it would kick so much ass if you could do that in Disco elysium too

the tandem bike is immune to theft because could you fucking imagine how funny it would be for someone to steal a tandem bike

the tandem bike has like five hundred baskets, the amount of fucking cargo I am going to be able to move with this thing

doing a fusion dance with my partner before getting on the tandem bike

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Got a gym membership so I can get into tactical strategic warfare with my chronic illnesses

it has a cat carrier
at 9 am tomorrow I'm going to have a tandem bike with a cat carrier and a basket and me and reese are going to go to the grocery store with it during october when the roads are shut down

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