some people know things.

they are to be feared and respected.

I really enjoy the fact there are video game renditions of Go with DRM.

Go has been around since the Zhou Dynasty, what is someone going to "steal"?

Hey folks, please remember: Indie games are usually made without the abuse developers suffer at the hands of AAA game publishers. The developers and artists are paid more, get proper credit, and aren't forced to shovel in microtransactions because of corporate meddling. Not to mention they're usually more fun as they're designed with gameplay in mind first (instead of many AAA titles which attempt to psychologically manipulate you into buying microtransactions).

Buy indie games, pirate AAA ones

The more sophisticated and bizarre your DRM scheme is the more people will see it as a challenge.

I can't remember where I saw this so forgive the lack of attribution, but someone defined a hacker as "someone who solves puzzles they were never meant to"

I know they're bad, the man page is bad, I know this is not an example of good or even remotely usable user documentation and it sucks extremely hard. However simply on principle you are wrong about this because I don't like you. Shut up.

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suddenly getting extremely defensive about the gnu find docs simply because the teacher I hate is shitting on them

Animal crossing all wallpapers no time manipulation speedrun

if you had to pick one would you rather have

IDK I'm just thinkin about how lucky I am to b in love with my beautiful girlfriend

italian ice is the shittiest possible ice based dessert

I am sorry to announce that I have cancelled my plans for fucking the Goodyear blimp. I'm in a mono relationship now so fucking the Goodyear blimp is off the table. I would like to apologise to all my followers for the inconvenience

I don't believe in ACAB. no one is assigned cop at birth

racism, spicy take on iq 

history of iq tests:
-invented by racists with confirmation bias
-historically used by racists to justify racist education policies and also eugenics
-currently used by racists to justify racist education policies and also eugenics
-debunked countless times
-still taken seriously because ????????

Why is there a SHE-Ra but no Bee-Ra, huh? And I say this as someone who is completely unaffiliated both legally and socially with the Consortium of 1,000,000 Bees. I’m simply a concerned ally.

when a werewolf reverts back to human form, where does the fur go?

for those that work in #tech and #journalism ( #ttechjournalism)
and you're doing wrt fedi, (i know theres a few of you)

what are the ethical frameworks you're using? how do you engage with this platform and the various users? how do you frame them (users & instances) within your own work?

feel free to reply and rb

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