Prowling the streets with a pair of scissors, looking for some man buns to snip

#OtD 21 Jun 1919 "Bloody Saturday" occurred during the Winnipeg general strike when 30,000 strikers were attacked by mounted police with clubs and guns. The violent attack resulted in the death of two strikers, 35 to 45 people injured, & numerous arrests.

Yeah, I have a personal computer it's called a fucking abacus, get wrecked nerds

Automation doesn't seem so great when you realize you made the same error 80,000 times.

damb, apparently you're an automated program if you don't know shit about guitars 😩

I need a Reasonable amount of ram but I need WAY more slots to put hard drives in, I need a million server SSDs

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Astrological signs are bullshit because everyone's like "yeah, I'm a lion" or fuckin "twins represent the dual nature of my personality" and I'm out here like "yeah, when I was born the stars said VIRGIN"

My greatest fear is that someone I know IRL will sign up here and track me down and then I'll constantly be worried about what I post

Hey I need moderate, non-enthusiastic advice about computer

I have a box with like 50tb of storage in the form of external hard drives. I know I need to shuck and format them to something readable.

After I do that, what is the most cost-effective way to turn them into a NAS that will run cool and quiet somewhere? Low power ideally. Will an RPi 4 or smth. manage that?

when you steal something that isnt a car, it's called 

grand theft not-o

⚠️ holy shit I need to buy a server ⚠️

does anyone have a good server I can buy for money, I need to migrate librepunk to my own physical infrastructure

so my wife's gone for the day, and i got this guy over, and we're making out, right. but my wife gets home unexpectedly. i dont want her to find out i'm gay, which is why i dug a small space to hide my lovers under the floorboards. i have this guy crawl down there, and i cover it up.

anyway my wife comes in, and she's askin all kinds of questions. and i'm making small talk, trying to hurry her out of the house. but the whole time, this dude under the floorboards is cranking it with metronome-like regularity. i can hear him super loud! so i'm talking as loud as i can and stomping around tryin to cover up the sound.

and i can tell my wife's getting suspicious right. and i'm getting more and more and more nervous. cause this dude is beating his meat louder. and Louder. and LOUDER! and finally i break down. i tell her everything. i'm gay. i want a divorce, i have gay lovers, etc etc. and i'm tearing up the floorboards to show her, but when we look down there, there's NO GUY AT ALL

and it turns out i was just fantasizing all along. and the sound of him jerking off was actually my own nervous pulse beating in my ears


What it feels like installing nmap even though I don't know how to use it

my favorite bit to do with The Boys Are Back In Town is to just intermittently say "The Boys-" at the wrong time. start out just entering too early, but by the end you're not even on beat.

like, if you've ever bought a little toothpaste tube squeezer from CVS and it's just this really useful piece of plastic you use to squeeze your toothpaste, you literally use that twice a day, you'll never get rid of it, and you picked it up almost completely by accident.

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should my brain's primary thought when using a plastic trashcan be the ever creeping hand of death?
Maybe not!
did I buy a lime green space ship shaped trashcan to alleviate this mental burden?

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when you buy a trashcan you go "yeah I need a place to put my fucking trash. This is a trashcan. This is a utilitarian object to contain literal trash" but you interact with that trashcan like, ten or twenty times a day. That trashcan becomes a way bigger part of your day to day life than you give it credit for, and unless it breaks, which is very unlikely if you got a normal non-robotic trashcan, it could very well stay with you until your literal death and that terrifies me

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I have this thing where I get really anxious about unintentionally but permanently committing to a small thing that plays a large role in your day to day life. Like the type of silverware you get or the type of trashcans you have. When you make that decision you rarely think "I'm almost certain to be experiencing the effects of this decision literally 30 years in the future", but you probably will be and that freaks me out

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I'm getting pretty tired of smug lawyer faces asking me if I'm injured. Can't wait to be home and not constantly on highways

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